About Me

After my studies in psychology at the university of Hamburg I started my professional path with Siemens in Brussels, at the training academy. Learning designs, leadership development, worldwide trainings, workshops and coaching paved my way to founding my own business in 1995.
Ever since I am dedicated to continuous learning, changing and growing – systemic coaching, the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM), Theory U, Holistic counselling, to mention a few of my certifications.
I have a passion for people – and for languages too, I studied French, Italian and Spanish.
Having lived and worked in Brussels, Venezuela and Australia, my home base is Munich now.


• Leadership development
• Negotiation training and customer excellence training
• Workshop facilitation
• Design and facilitation of Assessment Centres
• Intercultural awareness – expat delegation coaching
• Individual and team coaching
• Change projects



Leaders are people who live with purpose, are committed to ongoing learning, and who inspire and empower others. They strive for authentic connections between work and values for themselves and for the members of their teams.
Leaders are to be found at many levels of an organization; from the executives who are striving to improve the performance of their organisations and teams; to the members of those teams who are seeking to reach their full potential; to the emerging leaders who have not yet decided which career path to pursue.
My work as a coach, consultant and facilitator is leading and encouraging my clients to stretch towards their full potential.



Leaders have a vision of a desirable future. They bring this alive with their people and set targets to measure the progress towards this vision.
In my work I support my clients to clarify and live their vision.


Leaders create and communicate their vision to their people.
My work involves encouraging my clients to set aside regular time to be still and reflective, focusing on what is happening within and around themselves. Ideas will then percolate which will assist them to get in touch with their purpose. This in turn helps them choose between alternative possibilities and directions.
This is mindfulness in action.



Leaders value the differences between people and seek to make them a basis of group strength both in terms of identifying values and goals and in commitment to achieving them.
When the benefits of group effort are maximised, the contributions of everyone are acknowledged. Courtesy is essential and physical, gender and cultural differences are valued equally.
My work is to create a trusting environment where everybody is listened to and encouraged to contribute to a strong, healthy and successful organisation.



Leaders are brave enough to follow their vision and challenge the status quo in the face of opposition. They are risk takers who are prepared to experiment with new things and they take responsibility for when things go wrong.
My work is to encourage clients to challenge their self-doubt, trust their instincts and have the self-belief to lead their teams into an unknown future.

Susanne at work