Susanne Schmid is a qualified psychologist which makes a real difference to comparable seminars.
Due to her academic education she is able to assess and evaluate participants and conversations in a very distinct way. She has a feeling for people and situations.
I’m very excited about her as a trainer!

Ulrike Hamelmann, WTS, Erlangen

Susanne always shows me that the world is not black or white, but also has other colours. She can make me think about the problem also from other prospective, be pro-active and try to find another solution than many times repeated old approach (which of course does not work)

DrPharm Dita Parmova, , Head of Quality, oncomed, Brno, Czech Republic


I have had a chance to meet Susanne as a coach and trainer in one of the most difficult phase of our company when we have faced changes in management and turn of the company from start-up and small size business (from the managerial point of view) to the professional middle size company. The co-operation with Susanne was very fruitful. She is smart, profound, open, empathetic but can be also tough and direct in making you aware of the issues that are worth of improvement both from your own personal and business point of view. What I like most of her is that she has the gift to open new spheres and windows that you had not thought of before.

Dr. Renata Horakova, Head of Finance and HR, oncomed, Brno Czech Republic

I completed a two-day executive training with Susanne. She impresses with her profound knowledge and mastering the topic of “leading employees” in all its facets. In her training, she demands a lot of input from her participants, and the theoretical content is translated into role-playing exercises.
In the subsequent coaching session, Susanne proved to me not only by expertise, but also by her warm-hearted nature. Despite a very stressful situation at the moment, she has managed to activate new power resources in me. The analogy to the lily on her homepage I find very apt.

Monika Jäger, PUMA Teamhead Development Apparel SMU, Herzogenaurach – on behalf of Competence Development Network.


As a trainer Susanne Schmid has a broad spectrum – she can train empathetic coaching as well as hard project management and is always perceived as highly professional.

                                                      Philipp Osswald, Head of HR CF-A, Siemens AG, Munich


Susanne Schmid understood how to involve even the skeptical and timid employees in such a way that they now actively and confidently present themselves in the team and in front of our customers and communicate more effectively. We experience sustainable differences.

                                                    Andrea Rebstock, Head of HR IPMA-Group, Schwäbisch-Gmünd


Ms. Schmid quickly grasped the complex situation in the organization and adequately considered and included the intercultural aspects of the change process. The management has developed trust, which has positively influenced the change.

Sigrid Tuschen, Vice President Finance medac, Wedel; Chairperson Board of Directors,

oncomed Brünn


I worked with Susanne in the past 15 years frequently together and she supported me always at important steps in building up high performing organizations in multicultural and ethical environments. Every time I work with Susanne I appreciate her dedication and spirit in guiding the teams into the core of the situation at hand – after which she supports them to overcome the obstacle together build the team spirit and guide them to the next level. I enjoyed and still enjoy working with her and looking forward to the next time.

            Johann Preinsberger, Founder, Investor and Managing Director, Munich and Graz


Firstly I would like to say that you are my first coach who does not force or induce anything. I know that you try to symphatize with people and thus understand and for me personally I see you more like a friend who helps me to formulate my own thoughts. You helped me to realise my own contribution to Oncomed which I often forget. I can surely reccommend your work mainly because of personal approach and the ability to symphatize.

                                     Victor Lebeda, Head of Engineering, oncomed, Brno Czech republic


I felt like a container filled with rubbish without the ability to clean it, just getting new every day. She did not help me clean up, did not help me stop the new ones. Suzan helped me understand how to sort them, what is important, what is just information without action, what is worth keeping it.

                                                Marek Janku, Head of project line 3, oncomed, Brno Czech Republic


I attended the Negotiations course and it was outstanding! With eye opening content that has completely changed my outlook on life. Susanne conducted the workshop in such an orderly, efficient and fun manner, I look forward to attending more of her other courses.

                                                                          Nonjy Zuma, Siemens Midrand, Republic of South Africa


Susanne helped us to shape the change process in oncomed in the desired direction. Our start-up style of management was needed to be changed into a long term sustainable culture with an inspiring vision. Susanne is excellent in understanding, analyzing and expressing the internal  and external factors, which prevent individuals and organizations to be successful. She helped us to shape our vision and formulate decisions and steps needed to be taken to understand the needed changes and make them happen.
She helped us individually by coaching and consulting individual problems and general needs in the organization. She was able to help keeping the whole team coherent in the change process.
All what she did for oncomed was done in highly professional way, combining the organizational needs with individual human psychological aspects of every step and decision. Her style is tough, when it is needed, she is delicate and tender, when people need it. I am happy that her support continues in the next phases of the change process.

Radek Fialka, Oncomed Brünn Tschechische Republik